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Maine-Anjou Feature at Bendigo Agricultural Show

The Maine-Anjou is the feature breed at this year's Bendigo Agricultural Show. Judging will be on Friday October 23 and the Interbreed on Saturday October 24, 2015. It is going to be great to see breeders' best stock at this year's feature!

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia & Red Poll Sale 2015

The Maine-Anjou Beef Australia & Red Poll Sale was held on Saturday, March 14 and the top priced animal was the Maine-Anjou bull Chalon Jocker selling at $3,000.

Landmark and Landmark Embling utilised the Helmsman auctioning system, where bidders place their bid on a card which was then placed on a board.

There was competition for many of the Maine-Anjou cows including Chalon Joylene vendor M. P Williams, Ashgarth Farms Opulent vendor M & A Dewar and Ashgarth Farms Madison vendor B & K Morham.  

The auction ran for an hour with all the Maine-Anjou females selling and a Maine-Anjou bull was the top priced animal of the sale. The top priced Maine-Anjou female was Ashgarth Farms Madison at $2,650.

The average price of Maine-Anjou females was $1,550 and Maine-Anjou bulls at $3,000.

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia would like to thank all involved in making the sale possible.

Pictured below is N Maple with the his purchase- the top priced bull Chalon Jocker.

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Article & images: E Worden


Upcoming Events 2015

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia cattle will be at the following events:

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia & Red Poll Sale- March 14 VIC, the sale is held at Whittlesea Showgrounds and bidding starts at 1pm.

Weekly Times Rural Lifestyle Expo- April 11 VIC, the Ballarat Showgrounds host the expo and it is a great day to see innovative displays about farming including the Maine-Anjou.

Finley Agricultural Show- September 6 NSW, at Finley Showgrounds. 

Royal Canberra Show 2015

A Maine-Anjou heifer won the Grand Champion Female in the Any Other Breeds class at Canberra Royal Show on Saturday March 28.

The 17 month old heifer Maine-Park Junia exhibited by E Worden took out the broad ribbon after being named the Junior Champion Female.

C Worden & B Fry took home Reserve Champion Female with 18 month old Maine-Park Jezzabella.

It was B & K Morham's 18 month old bull Morham Maine's Karl who collected Junior Champion Male.

While Morham Maine's Max recieved Reserve Champion Male and the team then went onto win the Breeders Group. 

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia exhibitors commented on how welcoming and friendly the Royal Canberra Show was with intentions of exhibiting cattle next year. 

Written by E Worden.

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About Maine-Anjou Beef Australia Ltd

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia is a group of enthusiastic cattle breeders keen to promote the mainstream benefits of using Maine-Anjou beef cattle in Australian herds. This fast growing membership is a reflection of the benefits of breeding with Maine-Anjou beef cattle, a breed that is well recognised and widely used throughout the USA and Europe, especially in its home of France.

The strengths of this breed are many, however it will be the high quality of the meat, the temperament when managing or feedlotting and the feed efficiency when looking for a cost-effective converter of feed to weight that will attract the eye of the cattle producer willing to look outside the square.