Maine-Anjou Beef Australia Plus (MABA Plus) has been formed to provide Maine Anjou Beef Australia Members (MABA) the opportunity to infuse the attributes of the Maine-Anjou into other breeds of cattle.
MABA Plus, will provide MABA members with the following opportunities:

1. Utilise the crossbreeding benefits of the Maine-Anjou to selectively upgrade Maine-Anjou cross
cattle of any chosen breed, to suit any region, environmental conditions, and markets within
2. Rigorous grading and registration process (see MABA Regulations) administered by Maine-
Anjou Beef Australia, which will ensure that MABA Plus cattle maintain no less than 50% Maine-
Anjou blood, thus increasing the genetic pool of cattle with Maine-Anjou blood in Australia.

How does grading work? Refer to this chart MABA+ Upgrade Chart

Please note once an animal reaches domestic pure it is transferred into the Maine-Anjou Beef Australia herd book.

  • Do you want quieter calves?
  • Do you want easy calving?
  • Do you need in increase your weight for age in vealers?
  • Want to retain the colour of your herd?

The answer is simple Maine-Anjou!

The Maine-Anjou breed is naturally quiet and this temperament trait is passed onto their calves. Through careful selection Maine-Anjou Beef Australia members have been breeding easy calving Maine-Anjou cattle while maintaining excellent weight for age. Generally when a red & white Maine-Anjou bull is utilised over – for example a black Angus, the calf will in most cases inherit the mother’s coat colouring and be black.

7-10 day old calves, with birthweights of 25kg – 32kg all born unassisted by Maine Park Black Moocha a 1300kg+ bull, calves out of Angus cows at Kilmore Park.

Maine-Anjou X Shorthorn heifers and steers

Shorthorn Cow with calf sired by Maine-Anjou


Hereford X Shorthorn cows with calves sired by Maine-Anjou


Maine-Anjou X Shorthorn heifers


Shorthorn cow with calf sired by Maine-Anjou