September 2022 Update

Heifer calf at Kaiaaron, 32kg birth weight with her dam Kaiaaron Lexi sired by Maine Park Nigel.

Anjouliette Sven 632kg at 14 months old with a moderate 40kg birthweight, sired by Maine Park Nigel and out of Anjouliette Lil.
Maine Park has recently used Anjouliette Sven in embryo work resulting in 8 embryos and will be joining their heifers to him. How many bulls can show weights like these for age on grass only. Anjouliette Sven is the result of generations of Australian bloodlines, resulting in great figures that keep bull buyers coming back for more.

Anjouliette Sass, at 12 months old this polled heifer is the type of thick Maine-Anjou Anjouliette breeds for Australian conditions and to meet market demand. Sired by KSIX Wingman 2A and out of Maine Park Junia, with a birthweight of 38kg.