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June 2022 Update

Calving season is in full swing at some Maine-Anjou Beef Australia studs! Here’s three of Maine Parks’ 2-4 week old calves. Anjouliette’s first calf of 2022. Anjouliette Tiffany, 34kg birthweight, [ … ]

March 2022 Update

Anjouliette Sven, polled/scurred 7 months old, current weight 358kg, 41kg birthweight out of Anjouliette Lil, sired by Maine Park Nigel. Kagan Park Maine-Anjou cattle at Goomburra near Warwick, Queensland. Maine [ … ]

January 2022 Update

Hidden Hill Farm Maine-Anjou Stud 12 to 24 months heifers sired by Ironbark Dexter and Maine Park Pepe.   Having trouble finding a top Maine-Anjou bull with proven weight gain [ … ]