January 2022 Update

Hidden Hill Farm Maine-Anjou Stud 12 to 24 months heifers sired by Ironbark Dexter and Maine Park Pepe.


Having trouble finding a top Maine-Anjou bull with proven weight gain in Australia?
Why not A.I?
Maine Park Robert is, DNA tested polled/scurred, parent verified, Pesti Virus, THA and PH free.
Birth weight 40kgs.
Proven top weight gain, 12 months 604kgs and 17 months 782 kgs.
Grass fed!
And, a solid background of sound cattle that gain weight on grass.
Contact Beefgen Australia to get your Maine Park Robert genetics and move forward with your Maine’s.
Anjouliette Sara, pictured at 7 months old, 36kg birthweight, a young female to watch – fingers crossed 2022 we can travel again and this heifer can go to a few shows! Anjouliette Sara is sired by Maine Park Layley and pictured with her dam Maine Park Julie (8 years old).
Kaiaaron Sophie 8 months old, really excited for this heifer. Sire Maine Park Layley.
Hidden Hill Farm Tess, a week old sired by KSIX Wingman 2A.