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Anjouliette – Knowsley

Anjouliette breeds moderate framed, quiet, structurally sound Maine-Anjou cattle in Knowsley, Victoria, Australia.

Our breeding program includes only breeding with quiet, structurally sound and easy calving stock. The strict selection of breeding stock maintains a high level of quality as all our cattle are show ring ready, excel commercially and more than satisfy on the plate.

Eva Worden founded Anjouliette in 2011 with the dream of breeding the ideal Maine-Anjou for the showring while maintaining an animal to be utilised in the commercial market and never forgetting the final goal of meeting the requirements of the fussiest plate.

We breed traditional red and white coloured Maine-Anjou cattle, black Maine-Anjou cattle and predominantly red as well. Our herd includes both horned and polled cattle to accommodate changing market preferences.

Our foundation herd originates predominantly from Maine Park and we have access to a large number of sires both nationally and internationally.

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Owner: Eva Worden

Phone: 0432 744 881

Email: anjouliette@gmail.com