Welcoming Winter

It’s wonderful winter! Temperatures around the country have started to drop and Maine-Anjou cattle are growing their coats to protect them from the harsh cold. Many breeders are also watching their Maine-Anjou females in their final months of gestation before spring calving. Other breeders are selecting and working with their young stock for the upcoming spring show season.

While the winning bidders from Maine-Anjou Beef Australia’s National Sale are happily watching their new cattle become integral individuals in their herds. The National Sale committee is already busily working at ensuring the 2018 Maine-Anjou Beef Australia National Sale is even bigger and better! The National Sale allows our breeders to showcase the best stock from their stud; smooth muscled, structurally sound and quiet cattle that any beef breeder would be proud to add to their herd.

The new beef cattle on farm biosecurity plan requirement is coming into effect on July 1 so be sure to have yours completed find out more at Animal Health Australia and talk to your local vet.

The Maine-Anjou Beef Australia AGM is coming up fast, members are encouraged to attend the meeting on Saturday, August 5 at the Western Hotel in Ballarat.

Don’t forget you can keep up with Maine-Anjou Beef Australia on Facebook and many individual studs through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.