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2018 Maine-Anjou Beef Australia’s National Sale Wrap Up

The 2018 Sale held on April 21 at Bendigo Showgrounds, run by Landmark and Landmark Embling displayed an excellent line-up of Maine-Anjou cattle for buyers to add to their herd.

Cattle travelled from all over Victoria and New South Wales to attend the Sale, with 100% clearance of all animals providing confidence in the breed.

The selection of stock included both red and white and black Maine-Anjou, as well as polled and horned allowing purchasers to find the right animal to progress their herd.

All cattle were independently vet inspected on Saturday morning allowing buyers to purchase with confidence.

The bidding ran for about an hour with eager buyers bidding for the next additions to their breeding programs.

The top priced bull was Maine Park Black Mamba at $5000, sold to J & J Tuck of Koonoomoo to be used in their commercial and stud herd.

Anjouliette Miss Dianne was the top priced female at $3400, sold to R Crack of King Island to add to his growing herd of stud Maine-Anjou cattle.

Notably lot 4A was a popular heifer with many different bidders putting in a bid.

Maine-Anjou heifers aged 8 – 16 months average $2,370 and bulls averaged $3,375.

Maine-Anjou Beef Australia would like to thank Landmark and Landmark Embling for their continued support. It was great to see Maine-Anjou Beef Australia members happy to pitch in and make the Sale possible.

Maine Park Black Mamba

Anjouliette Miss Dianne